Why Sport Is Important?


Systematic exercise is not only a perfect way to lose weight and build muscle. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, prevents depression, mental disorders, problems with muscles and bones. Moreover, moderate sports enhance immunity, improve general health, increase brain activity and force the body to “demand” healthy and nutritious food.

Easy to be slim, energetic and prolong your youth – just go in for sports or attend classes at the fitness center a few times a week. Thus you will receive a huge benefit for an organism and strengthen your health.

17 Health Benefits of Playing Sports

  1. Sports increases the sexual desire of women almost twice due to the fact that the blood supply to the whole body improves. Physical activity also increases the libido of women taking antidepressants.
  2. Regular exercise eliminates or reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  3. Physical activity is able to prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  4. Training plays an important role in increasing the level of “good” cholesterol and lowering “bad” cholesterol.
  5. Studies show that sports can reduce airway inflammation in people with asthma.
  6. Training positively affects the condition of bone tissue and is associated with a lower risk of osteoporosis.
  7. Training improves the state of the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it is proved that even minimal physical activity and yoga have a positive effect on the heart.
  8. Regular physical exercises are effective in fighting stress.
  9. Training increases immunity. Despite the fact that scientists have not established how sports affect the immune system, regular exercise helps to remove bacteria that cause colds from the respiratory tract, and also contribute to the production of antibodies that fight the disease.
  10. Aerobics improves memory, so it is extremely useful for the elderly.
  11. Physical activity increases life expectancy. People who regularly exercise at least seven hours a week are 40 percent less likely to die prematurely.
  12. Physical activity reduces the risk of developing some types of cancer. One-third of all cancers are associated with malnutrition and lack of physical activity.
  13. Regular training reduces the risk of “emotional burnout” and also helps in the fight against stress at work.
  14. Training improves self-esteem and self-confidence.
  15. Regular physical activity alleviates the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  16. Sport helps improve the quality of sleep.
  17. Physical exercises give energy and increase the level of endorphins, resulting in a long-term and stable increase in the level of happiness.

4 Top Training Principles

Before you start training, you need to know the basic principles of training.

  1. Continuity of the training process. Sports training should be a continuous, year-round training process in order to adapt the body to a specific job. This type of training guarantees the best athletic performance, in which the effect of each subsequent training session grows. At the same time, the next lesson with a serious load should be performed on the backdrop of recovery and increase in efficiency. It is necessary to realize that skipping even a few trainings leads to readaptation, i.e. irregular training brings the athlete back to its former positions;
  2. Graduality. This principle explains that you should know your physical abilities and not overdo sports. And the better you become prepared, the more load your body can withstand. This becomes the foundation for a gradual increase in training loads, both their volume and intensity. But we must understand that at certain stages of the training, the progressive increase in the loads can come into conflict with the course of adaptive changes in the athlete’s body. This requires temporarily reducing the load and help the body to gradually adapt biologically and reach a new level of functionality. That is why the dynamics of training loads must be wave-like;
  3. Cyclicity. The training process is characterized by the repetition of exercises, classes, stages and entire periods within certain cycles. But the new cycle is conducted at a higher level in terms of volume, intensity, selection of means and methods of training. Therefore, the long-term training process goes as if in a rising spiral;
  4. Adequacy. During training, you should take into account the sex, age characteristics of a person, his state of health and the characteristics of the body functioning. In the childhood and adolescence, it is necessary to take into account the periods of formation and maturation of the organism, as well as especially sensitive periods of development of abilities.

Following these fundamental principles of building sports training will help you avoid many mistakes and achieve more significant success in sports. The choice of an individual program of physical exercise is important in order for exercises to give you pleasure and help become healthy and strong. Exercise improves mood, increases muscle tone, supports the flexibility of the spine and helps prevent diseases.

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