Why Tabata®?


A 20 minute high intensity, scientifically-proven, head-to-toe workout. Led by motivated and passionate instructors, we will ensure your class or clients work to maximize their fitness levels in a seriously short amount of time. Proven to achieve greater results than one hour steady-state exercise, calories are burned for up to 12 hours post-exercise. Our classes are time efficient, exhilarating, and most of all, effective.


We understand the importance of music when working out; the challenge is about staying with it, and reaching that endorphin high that makes it all seem so easy. Every Tabata® module has its own unique, PPL-free, and specifically-edited soundtrack to engage your class or clients and inspire the motivation needed to finish your workout. And what’s more, we’ll keep you updated with two new tracks every month; quality AND quantity.


20 minutes. Whether you’re on the bike or breaking a sweat on the gym floor, that’s all it takes for Tabata® to transform body and fitness levels. Fitter, faster, fact.