Different Types of Training Programs

In this article,  will talk about what types of training programs exist. Today, sports are becoming increasingly popular. And many people strive not only to look slim but also to maintain their health. Sports clubs and fitness centers today are ready to offer an incredible variety of activities.

We specify different types of training programs which will be described below:

  • weight training;
  • cardio exercises;
  • fitness;
  • aerobics.

Weight Training

weight trainingThe task of weight training is to develop muscle strength as much as possible. The result will depend not only on your patience and willpower but also on how correctly the exercise program was drawn up, whether the diet and daily routine were followed. Weight training has long been turned into a style of life and has become a whole science. It cannot be mastered without studying the basics of biology. We list the main types of training of this type:

  • muscle mass gain;
  • strength endurance and muscle relief.

In each of these subtypes, there is an incredible variety of “upgrade” programs. Usually, they are developed strictly individually, depending on the physiological characteristics of the body.

The main types of training on power trainers are distinguished in relation to various muscle groups: back, chest, legs, triceps, biceps, shoulders, press. At the same time, a training scheme is drawn up, where exercises for different types of muscles are grouped. It is simply impossible to work on the whole body for one workout.

Cardio Exercises

cardioCardio exercises are an integral part of making you slim and healthy. But the exercises on this equipment have a completely different purpose, you can’t increase your muscle mass. They are much more useful for health. We list the benefits of such exercises:

  • increase endurance;
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  • increased lung volume;
  • maintain blood pressure levels;
  • lower cholesterol;
  • improve overall well-being.

Cardio training is often combined with strength training and is carried out in parallel.

What equipment is related to cardio exercises?

They are:

  • race track;
  • exercise bike;
  • elliptical trainer;
  • stepper;
  • stationary rower.

Points out this type of exercise is ideal for those who want to keep fit and maintain their health.


fitnessFitness is a very popular form of exercise among women. Fitness is aimed at maintaining the body in good shape, gaining good health and maintaining it. Today, the types of fitness training in their number tend to infinity. This type of exercise has an incredible amount of variations. Surprisingly, fitness classes also apply to training sessions in gyms. Most of the types of directions are impossible without such equipment such as dumbbells, fitballs, etc. Fitness is an excellent option for those who want to work only with their body, do not increase muscle mass, and want the figure to look fit.

Fitness for body stretching

This is quite a popular direction today. Such classes are focused not on building and training muscles, but on stretching them. Typically, visits to such training are combined with strength training. After all, the muscles cannot only be increased, they need to be stretched. Otherwise, it is possible to be engaged exclusively in visiting doctors in old age and to spend much time taking medications.

We give and describe the types of training in the gym for body stretching:

  • yoga is a very fashionable fitness trend, the roots of which go back to the culture and philosophy of ancient India. The philosophy of yoga is to find harmony by means of body improvement. All exercises of this technique are called asana. They are aimed at the development of endurance, strength, flexibility, improve posture, accelerate metabolism.
  • pilates is a wonderful complex that will suit even physically unprepared people. Practically, there are no contraindications. Particular attention in training is given to the muscles of the pelvis, back and abdomen.
  • stretching aims to stretch all muscle groups. It is recommended to combine this technique with more serious muscle loads.
  • bodyflex: the basis for this type of fitness is proper breathing. This is a rather unusual workout, as you have to breathe in an unusual way. Systematic exercises help strengthen muscles, lose weight, improve well-being.

Functional and strength training

Fitness also includes types of workouts in the gym, aimed at strengthening and developing muscles.

We list them:

  • shaping is an excellent method of strengthening muscles, which will suit even untrained people. Exercises are very simple, and the effect is achieved due to their multiple repetitions. Training can be aimed at both reducing the volume of problem areas and increasing the missing of extra kilos.
  • callanetics is a very popular form of fitness, aimed at burning excess fat and strengthening the muscular frame. During training, almost all muscle groups are involved in the work.
  • strip plastic is perfect for body correction, especially if you want to be beaten by the “ears” on the hips. Exercises are mainly focused on the development of leg muscles and flexibility.
  • body sculpt gives the load on all muscle groups of medium and high intensity. All exercises are necessarily performed with dumbbells or other items that serve as weighting. Training helps to increase strength endurance and make muscles more prominent.


aerobicsDifferent types of workouts also include aerobics.

Three of its types are traditionally distinguished:

  • sports aerobics was founded in 1995 and belong to the officially recognized sports. In terms of difficulty, it occupies one of the leading positions.
  • applied aerobics – has a sports, therapeutic and prophylactic orientation. It is used for the rehabilitation of disabled people and the training of athletes.
  • improving aerobics is designed to maintain and improve human health.