How Much Does It Cost To Visit Fitness Club In The USA?

How Much Does It COst To Visit Fitness Club In The USAThere are a huge number of fitness clubs in the USA: there are both local, local, and networks. The most famous are the network sports clubs “24 Hour Fitness”, “La Fitness”, “Bally Total Fitness”, “YMCA”, “Lifetime fitness”, “Champions Fitness Center”. Some of people issue Delaware payday loans especially if you feel lack in money before your paycheck. The procedure doesn’t require great efforts and much time. Everything you need is to submit an online application and get the decision in the shortest possible time. The service is available 24/7.

Let’s consider the main fitness centers and networks and the cost of monthly membership card.

There is a stereotype about Americans – they keep unhealthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, the fitness and healthy lifestyle industry is promoted in a prompt way. It all started about 30 years ago, when for some reason the number of diseases increased with the improvement of the life quality. People began to get fat: they drove a lot by car, coming home from work, sat down in front of TV, took chips and snacks. Then, under the US president, a Fitness Council was created, which included 20 respected people in this field (doctors and specialists), as well as politicians from different states. The main task of the Council was to promote a healthy lifestyle and the availability of fitness.

The most famous fitness chain in the USA is called Bally Sport. They offer everything as usual:

  • a free first visit;
  • pilates;
  • zumba;
  • tabata;
  • palango.

Prices may vary depending on special offers but forums say that membership card for 3 years costs $38 per month. For example, there is such a thing as a deal: for three years you attend Bally and pay the above amount, and then for the rest of your life you pay $ 5 a month.

Deals are different all the time and depend on the area. If you monitor this issue, you can find a very profitable “deal”. Remember that the termination of the contract is charged a penalty. Under some contracts, with a monthly subscription cost of $20, you can bring two friends with you for free – all the time. If you are going to leave a child in the gym, the cost of a monthly subscription increases by another $10.

The 24 Hour Fitness network was created in 1983 by Mark Mastrov, their priority is accessibility in every sense – by mode of operation and by price. It charges a large fee for the first month – more than $200, this is called the Initial/Enrollment Fee.

Every next month – already about $30. Of course, the exact sum may vary, but on average a month of training costs as much as the lowest-paid worker in America earns in 2 hours. This is the cheapest network in the country.

What does it include? There is a sauna, a swimming pool with winter-heated water, a dry bath, a wet Turkish steam room, a Jacuzzi for 12 people, huge halls with modern fitness equipment.

In each hall there are up to 200 different simulators, the most diverse and very advanced. In each hall there are more than 10 TV sets with various programs for every taste. Each simulator connects to any program, just select a channel and put on headphones. There are very nice comfortable changing rooms. The halls work around the clock, there are only 2 days off – on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

La Fitness clubs, one of the largest chains in the USA: the first month – $120, each subsequent – $39. If you suspend the contract, they send you a special offer, where the price for the month is still slightly discounted. Huge empty pools, where there is always a free track, an incredible amount of exercise equipment. The equipment is brand new and very diverse. Huge areas of cardio, sometimes 2 levels. A separate huge area for free weights, about 100 benches. Mandatory exercise bike halls, yoga classes, tennis court, basketball hall, sauna. Free Wi-Fi, bar, restaurant. On the walls you will see shelves with napkins and bottles of cleaning agent so that everyone can wipe the simulator after themselves.

American network Planet Fitness: the largest in the country

Different subscriptions are available, and various promotions are always available. The most complete subscription ($40 for purchase and $50 for use each month) includes the right to round-the-clock visits, a branded T-shirt, a keychain, a 50% discount on water and protein drinks, a 20% discount on New Balance items, unlimited free guest rooms, massage chairs, a solarium and the opportunity to go to any chain club in any city.

This network is much more suitable for girls: there are not very many strength simulators, it is difficult to find something heavier than 30 kg in the free weights zone.

The lunk alarm operates on the network: if the manager sees some kind of disgrace in the camera – someone put on a too open T-shirt or threw dumbbells – he turns on a nasty siren for the whole hall.

The YMCA network has its own concept – family fitness

Everyone goes here: from babies to pensioners. Children can be left in children’s rooms, and there are several of them: for children under 4 years old and those who are older. There the children stay with a qualified babysitter. Additionally, the “kindergarten” is not paid in any way – its cost is included in the subscription price. The time of classes is not limited.

In the USA there are halls designed only for women, and the demand is great – there are quite a lot of Muslims in the country, for example.

For local, non-network clubs, a fee is charged from $30 to $70 per month. Clubs paid for by the employer are very common – then they are free for the employee. There is also such a thing as clubs in buildings where you live or rent an apartment. Then you pay a penny for the club – but monthly: this payment item is included in the association fee, the rent for the apartment. There are such halls (necessarily with a swimming pool and Jacuzzi) in every large condominium (for $300-$800). There are halls without stuffing, like our rocking chairs – only exercise machines and no services. These cost about $10-$20 a month. There is also a gym in every village. Moreover, there is a gym in almost every motel or hotel. If there is no place on the ground, the pool is arranged on the roof.